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Noser Young is specialized in educating apprentices. Additionally, we are also committed to post-teaching personnel development and offer internships for students. Noser Young is the only company in Switzerland to offer not only a basic year of apprenticeship, but also a subsequent practical education year. This consists of exciting customer projects in system engineering, software and website development or the development of mobile apps. Learners are productive IT employees from day two onwards and can be proud of their achievements.








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Basic educational year

In the basic educational year, the newcomers learn the basic knowledge of computer science. Besides the basic knowledge, they also absolve internal courses in the company and many different IT modules at school.

Practical education year

In the practical year, the apprentices carry out projects and deal with practical tasks and real assignments. The apprentices work in many different projects in web development and programming with different languages.


The Noser Young carries out many exciting projects in which the learners have the chance to participate.

Maintenance & Support

We also provide support externally, with maintenance and other support.


To apply for an apprenticeship, just send us an e-mail.

In Bern, apply by e-mail to bewerbung.be(at)noseryoung.ch

In Zurich, apply by e-mail to bewerbung.zh(at)noseryoung.ch

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Trial Day

Are you looking for your dream job? If so, come and visit us! We offer trial days for the professions KV (Commercial Apprenticeship), computer scientist and media technologist.

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Trial Day for Girls

A technical day just for girls. Are you a girl? If so, then get in touch with us!

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Application info

Noser Young has offered apprenticeships for years to the professions KV (Commercial Apprenticeship), computer science and media technologist. Are you interested? Click on the link for more Information about the application.

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Girls-go-for-IT! (Nov 2019)

Are you a girl and interested in computer science? If so, get in touch with us!

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Future Day (Nov 2019)

Ready for the future? Would you like to spend a day as a computer scientist, KV (Commercial Apprenticeship) or media technologist? Then visit us!

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