Please take note of the information in the application questions BEFORE applying.

  • We expect applications in electronic form by e-mail
  • If you’ve already applied over an application platform, then you don’t need to apply over the website again
  • Due to the large number of applications we cannot consider incomplete dossiers (e. g. missing certificates, missing multicheck, no e-mail address)

Frequently asked questions about the application

Does Noser Young also offer internships?

No. At the moment our offer is limited to regular 4-year apprenticeships and 2-year WayUp vocational training. Applications for internships of any kind will therefore be returned immediately.

Can i apply at any time?

We do not process applications until our apprenticeships have been advertised. For this reason, an application only makes sense if we have advertised vacancies for apprenticeships.

How is recruitment carried out in Noser Young?

Recruitment takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Selection of suitable applicants based on the application dossier received. In doing so, various aspects such as the cleanliness and completeness of the application, school grades, working and learning behaviour in the certificates, the results of the aptitude test, the place of residence etc.
  2. In case of suitability, the applicant will be invited to an interview.
  3. In case of suitability, the applicant will be invited to a one-day assessment.

In which form can I apply?

We prefer applications in electronic form, but we also process paper applications. As a means of communication, we prefer e-mail, which is why you should also provide an e-mail address for applications in paper form. When applying by e-mail, please note that the attachment must not exceed 10 MB.

Application address for jobs in Bern:
Application address for positions in Zurich: bewerbung.zh(at)
Alternatively, you can apply via the number (+41)76 476 30 48 via WhatsApp. The same basic conditions apply as for the application via e-mail.

Do I have to indicate the subject when applying?

In practice and also in our training model, the activities in the fields of application development and system technology are fundamentally different. For this reason, we already state the subject area when we advertise open apprenticeships. Applicants are expected to be familiar with the differences in their fields of study and to apply for a corresponding field of study in accordance with their suitability and desire.

Should I contact the Noser Young by Phone?

As long as the vacant apprenticeships are advertised on this page, we will be happy to accept applications. It is therefore not necessary to call before applying. We often receive a large number of applications, which is why it takes some time to process the dossiers received. Within two weeks you will receive a response from us. Therefore, it is usually not necessary to inform yourself by phone about the status.

Is an introductory apprenticeship at the Noser Young a prerequisite for an application?

We very much welcome trial apprenticeships as part of our personal career choice and also periodically provide trial apprenticeships. However, a trial apprenticeship is not required for applying. If suitable, a one-day assessment at Noser Young will then take place during recruitment.

What belongs in a complete application File?

In a complete application file we expect:

Application or motivation letter
Curriculum vitae with portrait photo and references
Complete high school transcripts
suitability test for the teaching profession, i. e. Multicheck ICT, Multicheck Mediamatik or Multicheck Kauffrau/-mann.
optional: confirmations of completed courses as a copy
optional: reviews of trial apprenticeships as a copy

When should the multicheck be performed?

We recommend that the Multicheck should be completed at the end of the school year or during the summer holidays. Since the entire school curriculum of the first two years is tested at secondary level, it makes sense to finish the school year first and then take the test. However, it is advisable to reserve the date for the test as early as possible, because in July and August many students tend to want to take the multicheck.