Our Values


At Noser Young, we train more students than the Noser Group needs . In this way, we help the industry and society face the shortage of skilled workers. Furthermore, in recent years we have created additional 65 apprenticeships with both internal and external partners.

Our guiding principle


At the centre of our actions is the human being as the most valuable asset and as a key factor for the success of a team.
We are a competent partner in all aspects of education for our contacts in companies, public authorities, schools and parents.
Through healthy growth in small steps and taking profitability into account, we achieve sufficient profitability and thus maintain our independence.

Culture and values

We cultivate an image of man that is based on a sense of responsibility, commitment, target orientation and teamwork.
We accompany and develop young apprentices into competent young professionals. In addition to professional competence, we also promote the methodical, social and personal skills of the apprentices.
Our culture and our dealings are characterised by open, honest and fair communication and mutual respect.


We attach great importance to transparency, respect and trust as the foundation for a partnership-based relationship with our customers.
Our flexibility and willingness to innovate enable us to meet our customers’ needs in the long term.
Through a large network with customers, institutions and authorities, we enable profitable synergies for all parties involved.

Our services

We provide professional services in all areas and are committed to above-average quality.
Our services are aligned to the needs of our customers and the current developments on the market.
We provide action-oriented training with a high practical relevance. The ultimate goal of any investment in training is the successful and profitable integration of apprentices into the productive environment of a company.


We encourage our employees to take the initiative and think entrepreneurially by transferring responsibility and giving them room for action.
We employ well-qualified employees who perform at their best with dedication and passion and who serve as role models.
Our progressive, flexible and innovative employment models in an exciting environment make us an attractive employer.

Andragogical guiding principle


We offer the course participants an efficiently led and target-oriented instruction. The focus is on the acquisition of professional competence with the help of real practical projects. We challenge and support the participants. The trainer motivates and inspires through expertise and interest in the job. The interaction is respectful and friendly. The participants support each other. The learning climate is motivating. Talents are specifically encouraged and supported by various measures (stay abroad, supervision of customer projects). Our goal is for young people to develop from school students into employees.


We undertake to guarantee high quality and to check and optimise it regularly and systematically. Course evaluations and improvements are a matter of course for us.

Course instructors

A regular and systematic professional exchange with our course instructors is very important. The course instructors have completed an andragogical/didactic advanced training course.

Adult education

We pursue adult, action- and participant-oriented teaching. The participants should build on existing knowledge and experience and bring in problems. They should assume responsibility independently and are ready for self-reflection.


We are open to change, but at the same time want to offer a solid foundation. Through our contacts to associations, schools and the private sector, we receive trend-setting inputs for our services.